Onward Toward Progress.

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We Are

Founded after the 2016 elections, Onward Toward Progress fights for democracy and justice. We believe despair is never the answer. Action is. Let’s GO!

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Our Allies

OTP is thrilled to be working with Field Team 6, a passionate collection of volunteers who have one simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the World.

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We’re Hosting

Join us for Be the Light, a night of hope and action, to benefit Field Team 6. Speakers to include Rep. Adam Schiff, Barbara McQuade, Rep. Katie Porter, and lots more! Get your tickets!

OTP is in the Fight For

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Registering Voters

We’ve gone from door to door to connection to connection, reaching out through social media, phone calls, and mail (Yay, USPS!) to get people registered and helping them vote.

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Being Heard

OTP members — there are more of us every day — are passionate voices dedicated to fighting for justice and action. We’ve marched, petitioned, called, and written letters.

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Getting Active

If the 2018 Blue Wave proved anything, it was that pounding the pavement works. This year, we’re supporting Field Team 6’s efforts to registering Democrats and saving the world.

Start moving with us


If you’ve “had it up to here” like us, join in the fight and start moving toward progress. We are an active, passionate group of volunteers who are doing everything in our power to start a Blue Tsunami this November.

What We’ve Done

OTP is in action. We’re raising money, registering voters, driving awareness.

OTP at the Women's March
OTP - Knight Out Event

We have some amazing friends

OTP Allies

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